For instance, our fireproof hollow metal doors are produced utilizing a superior mill primed process. Each door is manufactured from hot dipped zinc-treated galvanized steel…as opposed to doors and frames from other manufacturers whose products are made from cold rolled steel with factory applied primers. Our ASTM 653 galvannealed steel doors are ready to receive finish painting. And, because our steel is mill primed on both sides, our doors and frames are fully protected inside and out.

Furthermore, due to the fact that our paintable galvanneal is comprised of a hot dipped galvanized and specially-processed steel that receives a mill coating of chromate and phosphate, maximum finish paint adhesion and low maintenance are ensured.

Independent laboratory testing according to stringent ASTM test criteria proves that L.I.F. Industries fireproof doors made of paintable galvanneal steel outperform traditional factory primed cold rolled steel with regard to corrosion resistance and finish paint film adhesion.
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Our galvanized doors are also backed by a 10-year rust perforation and finished paint film adhesion performance warranty. Most manufacturers charge a premium for galvanized products, however L.I.F. Industries offers you the performance and robust durability of hot dipped galvanized doors competitively priced versus cold rolled steel door alternatives.

The bottom line? The leading-edge production capabilities of our product lines and the comprehensive knowledge of our professionals are committed to one goal: building integrity and ensuring your complete satisfaction.
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